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Step by step

Step by Step learning

Step by step learning is important for Japanese language. This is Japanese language feature that there are so many grammatical forms such as they said 400 different forms. However, there are basic grammartical rules before the 400 different forms. If the basic grammer masters, application and extend new expresstions is easy.

Step by step learning

In Business and Japanese, studnts can learn from basic Japanese such as how to greet and how to write hiragana to advance Japanese teineigo and kenjyougo that frequentry used in Business Scene in Japan.

Academy course

Furthermore, for people who knows most of Japaese grammertical expressions, there is Acadimic course.

Using with Japanese history and Japanese economy text book, students learns Japanese language while learning more Japanese academic study.

Visualizing lessons

With using Documents sharing techonology, students can learn Japanese while watching common images of business scenes with their teacher in their computer screen.