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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Five start corporation realizes the important of conservation for the customer personal information and follows the low of ”conservation of the personal information” in Japan.
In order for the customer use our service with security, we set up “privacy policy” and educates all board member and employees in our company for following the policy.

1.Collecting of personal information
  Five start Corporation collects and uses personal information only for the necessary range such as our service offering our customer and improvement of our lessons and additional our service.

2. Control of Private information
  Five start Corporation sets up “Privacy policy” and educates necessary guidance all board member and employees and control the private information.

3.Using Private information
  Five start Corporation uses the private information only for purpose to offer our service, to send our materials and to contact them for necessary information by telephone or email or letter.

4.Case of open the private information
  Unless following case, Five Start Corporation do not open the private information to the third party without asking the person.
1) In case of the national regulations.
2) In case that it is necessary to protect a person’s life, body or property and in case that it is difficult to get the person’s agreement.
3) In case that it is necessary things the Five start Corporation cooperate the national government or local government or the person who was consigned by these government to practice the affair based on the low or regulations and in case that it is obstacle to accomplish the affair by informing the things to the person.

5.Eliminate private information
  Five start Corporation eliminate their private information based on their request of elimination of private information.