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What's Business Japanese ?

What is the different between normal Japanese in daily life and bussines Japanese?

Bacically it is same. However, because of negotiation technique, persuation and risk hedge, people speak some vocaburary and expressions that not often using in daily life.

This is different points from daily life.


Kaihatsu shimasu: to develop
Teishutsu shimasu: to submit
Irai shimasu: to request
Goui Agreement
Nouki Lead time
Shorui Paper document


  • そんけいご(Respectful expression)
    • おんしゃ (your company)
    • 役員の方 (Boardmember)
  • けんじょうご(Humble expression)
    • ~させていただきます。
    • ~やらせていただく。
    • はいどく (to read)

Risk hedge:

  • ~を、ぜんていに、
  • ~と、りかいしています。
  • ~と、かんがえます。

Japanese and Business

All study materials was developed by professional busuness people and team of experienced Japanese teachers.

Using business situations people can learn from beginning to advanced Japanese language.

In this program, people will learn about 800 business words with more 100 business scenes.

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Japan Way

Japanese business scene image

There is Japanese business culture behind Business Japanese and it is imporant for learning business Japanese.

Hor example, way of thinking of outside and inside of acompany.

Decision making way. Way of thinking for production. People learn with business column to understand Japanese way of thinking and culture.